How It Works

StimStixx represents the first major advancement in acidizing technology in decades.

Proven in some of the most challenging well conditions in both the U.S. and Canada, StimStixx is quickly becoming recognized as a superior solution for matrix acidizing.

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StimStixx offers many advantages over conventional matrix acidizing:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Simple implementation
  • Increased precision
  • Fast-acting
  • Lower manpower, rig and equipment costs
  • Reduced corrosion and wear on machinery
  • No surface spillage or exposure to hazardous material


  • New well completions
  • Well remediation
  • Paraffin clean-ups
  • Pre-cement squeeze treatments
  • Pre-frac treatments
  • Injection well clean-ups
  • Custom blends

The StimStixx Thru-Tubing MatrixStixx

StimStixx Brochure October 2019 (download)

Details on our Downhole Tools are available in our brochure.